This really is an easy way of raising funds for Kintyre Foodbank. Once you have an Easyfundraising account, donations are made to us automatically, as long as you do one simple step when you shop online.

Great - how do I sign up?

Visit easyfundraising.org.uk and create an account. Please select Kintyre Foodbank as the cause you want to support.

One simple step?

When you want to buy something online, go to Easyfundraising first. See if the site you plan to visit is part of Easyfundraising.


In the example on the right we are checking what donation Etsy would make.

easyfundraising1 easyfundraising2

What next?

Just click on the go-shopping button. A new window will open for Etsy, meanwhile this window will have a confimation messgae.


Do I have to do anything else?

No. If you do place an order, behind the scenes a donation will be passed to Easyfundraising, who will pass it on to the Foodbank at the end of the month.


You'll get an email confirming the donation, but sometimes that takes afew days