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Could you help with the Sunday pick-up of fresh food from Tescos

We joined the FoodCloud scheme recently, meaning we get leftover food from Tescos. Could you help us by taking a turn on our rota?


You'd need to be available about 5:45 on a Sunday, and have a car as we often get about 4 large boxes with bread, cakes, fruit and veg. If you'd like to help please email us at enquiries@kintyrefoodbank.org. Or leave a message on 552005

Recent events - Oct / Nov / Dec

This year we were invted to Tesco's on Oct 21/22nd to collect food. People were very generous. As well as the food in the picture, we also received £138.97.


We were then invited to participate in the Explore Campbeltown Christmas Fair on 29th Nov. We mosty gave out our new leaflet, and sweeties, but we also thank everyone who donated goods and funds of nearly £100.


Finally, we were given all the food from the annual Tesco food collection which nortmally goes up the road. We also collected about £120.


Thank you everyone


Foodbank AGM on 22nd September

This year's AGM reported a major rise in the number of people seeking help from the Foodbank. We saw 280 visits this year, a rise of 71%% on the previous year.


The main reason people need help is benefit delays, closely followed by working but having a low income. Most people  come by referral from Carr Gomm.


tesco oct 17

Foodbank Opening on Friday 5-6, December, January. February

We are seeing a rise in visits from people who are working, but are on a low income. We normally open 11-12 which is not a great time if you are working.


We are going to open from 5 to 6 on a Friday evening. We planned to do it just for December, but have decided to do it all winter. That means we'll open in January & February too.